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7 Simple Exercises for the Perfect Body

Simple exercises for a strong and flexible body For beautiful thighs Starting position: the legs are wider than the shoulders, the socks are turned outward at about 45 degrees, the back is straight. Final position: fixing the position of the back, slowly lower the pelvis down while exhaling. Watch your

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Every Day Stretches

It’s known that some work can cause physical pain, especially when this work connected with lifting heavy weights. But actually work, which requires sitting for a long time also, may cause pain and different health problems. Such work causes discomfort and health issues, including: neck and shoulder pain, obesity, musculoskeletal 

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Absolute Beginner’s Workout

Not everyone is confident to work out in the gym. Some of us don’t have money or time for this. But we still want to look amazing and keep in shame. The great news is that there are lots of exercises, which can be done at home. In this article

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