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What to eat after a workout

Nutrition of athletes is a strict diet, individually selected balanced menu. What is about amateur athletes, their diet has far fewer requirements. Nevertheless, not everyone knows about them. So, when you go to the gym, and after a workout you refuse food, thinking that this will help you to consolidate …

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7 Simple Exercises for the Perfect Body

Simple exercises for a strong and flexible body For beautiful thighs Starting position: the legs are wider than the shoulders, the socks are turned outward at about 45 degrees, the back is straight. Final position: fixing the position of the back, slowly lower the pelvis down while exhaling. Watch your

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Do’s and Don’ts for Icing Injuries

It’s the medical recommendation runners get most often. Injured knee? Ice it. Sore shin? Ice it. And it really is good advice—but if you do it wrong, you could damage surrounding muscle tissues, says Joseph Dykstra, M.A., assistant athletic trainer at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Icing decreases pain …

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How to Avoid Stomach Cramps on a Run

Lots of runners experience stomach cramp that forces them to cut their run sport. Stomach cramps can be the 1st sing of side stitch or diarrhea. Keep reading and learn how you can avoid these cramps. The main tips: It’s known that fiber has good impact on our health and

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